A Photographer Abroad! – Part 1

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Recently, Karyn and I (and the better part of 10kg of camera gear and tripod) spent three weeks in the UK. It was¬†great to see Karyn’s family and friends from ‘home’, and also to spend some one-on-one time travelling together. It also gave me a chance to indulge in one of my photographic passions – Landscape Photography! Luckily, we were blessed with some amazing weather!

The Ferry (South Queensferry)

We spent about a week in total in South Queensferry, which is where Karyn grew up and her parents live. The opening of the Forth Road Bridge fifty years ago signalled then end of the ferry service between South Queensferry and North Queensferry:

TaitPhotography-UK Blog-25

The Forth Road Bridge at Sunset

TaitPhotography-UK Blog-26

The Forth Rail Bridge at Dusk

TaitPhotography-UK Blog-27

The Forth Bridges from Longcraig Pier

The Holy Island of Lindisfarne

On our way South, we spent a night on The Holy Island of Lindisfarne. It’s stunning, and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend that people stop there!

TaitPhotography-UK Blog-28

Sheds made from an old boat, Lindisfarne Harbour

TaitPhotography-UK Blog-30

Saint Cuthbert’s Isle from Lindisfarne at Sunset

TaitPhotography-UK Blog-31

Lindisfarne Castle at Sunrise

Stay tuned for Part 2!

We head as far South as London, before returning to Scotland via Ingleton Falls in Yorkshire…

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