A Photographer Abroad! – Part 2

Tait Photography -angel-1

We left The Holy Island of Lindisfarne and headed for Yorkshire. After brief stop off to see the Angel of the North, and we found ourselves in Leeds in short order!


Our stay in Leeds was mostly geared around catching up with friends, but we did manage an outing with the camera. Our wandering took us to the shopping precinct (I needed a replacement cable for the camera remote after a faux-pas on a beach on Lindisfarne).

Tait Photography - Leeds 4

King Edward Street

Tait Photography - Leeds 3

Random Piano and Headstone, just off Kirkgate

Tait Photography - Leeds 1

The Victoria Quarter. Turns out tripods are not allowed in here!

Tait Photography - Leeds 2

County Arcade

Ingleton Waterfalls Trail

We made a day trip from Leeds to Ingleton Falls in the Yorkshire Dales. A beautiful eight kilometre walk, which ended up taking five hours. The camera and tripod got a really good work-out!

Tait Photography - Ingleton 1

Thornton Force Waterfall

Tait Photography - Ingleton 3

Look at all that moss!!!

Tait Photography - Ingleton 2


London Calling!

Next stop, London! We had a whirlwind two nights in London, but managed to get to two shows (The Lion King and Miss Saigon), see some friends, and do a lot of walking around with (you guessed it!) the camera.

The Family Lions, Trafalgar Square

The Family Lions, Trafalgar Square

Tait Photography - London 2

The top of The Mall (and a couple of London buses!)

Tait Photography - London 3

Westminster Bridge, Houses of Parliament, and Big Ben

Tait Photography - London 4

Westminster Bridge (and old men moving VERY slowly)

Tait Photography - London 5

Saint Paul’s Cathedral and the Millenium Bridge

Tait Photography - London 6

Tower Bridge

Look Out for the Third Installment!

We make our way North and find ourselves in Glencoe, and on the Isle of Skye. The further we went, the more stunning the scenery!

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