Steffi and Nilesh


Steffi and Nilesh’s wedding was a three day celebration. The first was a casual gathering of close friends and family, the second was for prayer and reflection and the wedding ceremony and reception were held on the third. The wedding was a vibrant and colourful celebration of Steffi and Nilesh’s commitment to spend their lives together. It was great fun to photograph and I was really excited and happy to be a part of it!

Nelesh_Steffi_WEDDING-93 Nelesh_Steffi_WEDDING-95 Nelesh_Steffi_WEDDING-119 Nelesh_Steffi_WEDDING-122 Nelesh_Steffi_WEDDING-135 Nelesh_Steffi_WEDDING-144 Nelesh_Steffi_WEDDING-162 Nelesh_Steffi_WEDDING-327 Nelesh_Steffi_WEDDING-336 Nelesh_Steffi_WEDDING-338 Nelesh_Steffi_WEDDING-365 Nelesh_Steffi_WEDDING-413 Nelesh_Steffi_WEDDING-421 Nelesh_Steffi_WEDDING-430 Nelesh_Steffi_WEDDING-448 Nelesh_Steffi_WEDDING-455 Nelesh_Steffi_WEDDING-499 Nelesh_Steffi_WEDDING-504 Nelesh_Steffi_WEDDING-529 Nelesh_Steffi_WEDDING-545 Nelesh_Steffi_WEDDING-554

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