A Photographer Abroad! – Part 3

Tait Photography - APA3-7

To avoid this post getting out of control, the ‘A Photographer Abroad!’ series will now have four parts. It turns out our one-day drive from South Queensferry to Fort William was really, really productive!

The Road to Glencoe

Karyn and I took our time on the way to Fort William, first stopping at Loch Lubnaig. Getting the shot that I wanted meant going bare-foot into the loch! The things we do…

Tait Photography - APA3-1

This was the first loch we encountered. Going in bare-foot, I was glad it was only Autumn!

Next stop, the Falls of Dochart!

Tait Photography - APA3-2

This was a really pretty spot! If you’re driving past, take a look.

We carried on, but stopped for this opportunistic shot overlooking Loch Tulla. After two weeks of beautiful weather, it was starting to blow in, and I had to brace the tripod against the wind for this one!

Tait Photography - APA3-3

Loch Tulla

By mid-afternoon, we were nearing Glencoe, but ‘needed’ to stop again – it was getting more and more scenic! This time though, we could see the rain coming in!

Tait Photography - APA3-4

Loch Ba, just West of the A82

One more quick stop once we were in Glencoe, and we were onĀ our way to our accommodation for the night in Fort William!

Tait Photography - APA3-5

Glencoe. Sure it has a sordid past, but it’s beautiful!

Finally, we made it to Fort William. Just in time to dash out and photograph a small, old jetty at sunset.

Tait Photography - APA3-6

Jetty outside Fort William

And also one final shot South-West along Loch Linnhe just before the rain arrived!

Tait Photography - APA3-8

Loch Linnhe

Next Instalment – Glencoe & Skye

Look out for Part 4 – the final instalment (I promise…). We encounter some AMAZING sights and plenty of weather!



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