A Photographer Abroad! – Part 4

Bay of Elgol


It was an early start next morning to meet Karl of Glencoe Photography, who we had arranged to take us around to some of the best local spots (a great option for the travelling photographer who doesn’t have a lot of time!)….

A quick drive to Loch Etive, and we we’re presented with the following sight (ok, it was raining and looked positively gloomy, but I really like the result!):

Tait Photography - Landscape-4

Loch Etive

Next stop, Buachaille Etive Mòr (The Great Herdsman of Etive).

Tait Photography - Landscape-5

Buachaille Etive Mòr (The Great Herdsman of Etive)

Even on such a dreich day, everywhere you turn, it is simply STUNNING!

Tait Photography - Landscape-6

Glencoe Mountaineer’s Cottage

Tait Photography - Landscape-7

View along Glencoe

 The Isle of Skye

Overnight, the weather did not improve. After hearing that the Skye Bridge was closed due to high winds, it was with some trepidation that we made our way North and West.

Again, we had arranged to meet a local landscape photographer, this time Tim Wilcock. He and his wife Grace also own a bed and breakfast – the nicest we stayed in for the whole holiday!

Our good luck held, and a mere fifteen minutes after arriving at the bridge, traffic began to cross!

Tim and I made our way to the Bay of Elgol for sunset, despite the weather, and were blessed with amazing side light from the sun as it sank below the clouds!

Tait Photography - Landscape-8

Bay of Elgol

Tait Photography - Landscape-9

Bay of Elgol

Eventually, the luck had to run out… this happened the next morning – although it gradually got brighter, there was no visible sunrise.

Tait Photography - Landscape-11

The Quairaing

After a large cooked breakfast (we had MANY of these while away), Karyn and I decided to explore. It wasn’t long before we embarked on a long, steep walk up to the Old Man of Storr. With 10kg of equipment. In the rain. The view from the top was more than adequate reward for the effort to get there!

Tait Photography - Landscape-12

The Old Man of Storr

We made our way West for the chance to capture the last of the day’s light at Neist Point.

Tait Photography - Landscape-13

Neist Point Lighthouse at Dusk

After three glorious weeks, our trip was fast coming to a close. We spent the night on Skye, and then it was time to head for Edinburgh – one last chance to spend some time with Karyn’s family before we made the long trip home to Adelaide.

Thanks for reading the blog! I really hope you enjoyed the photos from Karyn’s and my trip!




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