Melanie’s Pregnancy Session

Tait Photography - Pregnancy-5

These photographs were taken exactly one month before Andrew and Melanie’s daughter, Imogen was born. It was a very happy time for the parents-to-be. Melanie was radiant, and Andrew was brimming with excitement! Having the portrait session in their home environment helped them to feel relaxed and comfortable. Piper (the dog) was able to join in too!

Pregnancy portrait sessions are always special, and they provide memories of a time that is soon forgotten when the baby arrives! I feel lucky to have had the opportunity to share this time with them.

  Tait Photography - Pregnancy-7

Tait Photography - Pregnancy-4Tait Photography - Pregnancy-2

Tait Photography - Pregnancy-6

Tait Photography - Pregnancy-3

Tait Photography - Pregnancy-8

Tait Photography - Pregnancy

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